Monday, April 19, 2010

Monkeys, Possums, Baseball, Records, and Other Crap

Lately, my day-to-day life has been largely routine. The addition of regular exercise to my schedule is eating into some of the time that I used to spend on my hobbies and projects. Yes, that still leanves me most of the weekend, but my weekends are often unproductive. Who can say why? But since you're all dying to know, I will share a few little things I've done or that have happened recently.

A couple weeks ago I received my recent Random Crap (aka Bag of Crap, BOC, etc.) order from Woot!. You might recall how awesomely crappy my last Crap was. Or the usefully crappy first crap. Or maybe not. This crap (my third crap) was not nearly as awesome or useful. While my previous craps were consisted largely of second-hand crap, this crap was (almost?) entirely new. So while condition-wise it was less crappy, it was, in the end, crappier crap. [Sigh]... Crap.

crap: blank brown tee, pink Lego brick style iPod speaker,
mini tripod, Jonas Brothers branded PMP case

This was, to my recollection, the only crap I managed to get by non-riddled methods. I got it fair and square in the latest Woot! off. Thanks Growl! Maybe my crappy success has gone to my head, but this is actually not the item I anticipated most during the Woot! off. That honor belongs to the much rumored Glow-In-The-Dark Superfly Monkey With Woot! Cape. Phew. That's a mouthful. Er... a keyboard full? But alas, it was not to be as the Woot! off came and went sans monkeys. But, mere days later the albino idol popped up in the entertaining Woot! Your Own Adventure, and through wise decisions and internet-ty perseverance, I scored a few. "In for three" as the Woot!-ers say. If you missed 'em, they can be had on eBay or the like at a significant mark up (very non-Woot! behavior).

GITDSMWWC hanging out on my desk with
gnome and hula girl (get it? hanging?)

doing what GITDSMWWCs do best on my dresser

Perhaps the growing collection of caped primates are attracting other wildlife to my apartment because as I stepped out of my truck early one evening last week, I was startled by the hissings of a baby possum. I'm sure he was rabies-laden (Myth! Rabies kills three people every year!), but he was kinda awesome-looking nonetheless. Had a real nice look going with that crazy white spikey do.

with my iPhone after i got out of my truck

went into grab my big camera, but he decided to run off

then he changed directions and ran into the pile of crap in my car port

I caught my first baseball game of the year. Erik and I drove out to Irvine to see the first game of a 3-game series with CSU Fullerton. We sat out in the General Admission lawn (parking was more expensive than the game ticket) and saw a back-and-forth battle ending in an Anteaters walk-off homer. Since Emily and Jack were out of town, I also managed to get Erik out to a Pinkie's beer dinner and other bachelor activities.

UCI vs CSUF: earth bleachers

Saturday I jumped in the way back machine and strode in the doors of my local audio purveyor for National Record Store Day. (What? You didn't know?) And, yes, I actually threw done a few bones for actual vinyl. I've been wanting to get some more after Kelsey got me that sweet Tom Petty Live anthology for Christmas. I grabbed The Best Of The Band (by The Band, duh) and Wilco's Sky Blue Sky. Now all I need is an actual record player. Anyone know when that holiday is?

like a real record store, man

fresh wax (is that lingo right?)

Funny thing about this record store is it's on the corner of a street that is only about a half block long in its entirety, but somehow is home to what had to be at least 10 hair-related shops. A salon oasis of sorts. Very odd, but I enjoyed it.


I typed this entire blog while watching the Cardinals game with my new MLB.TV subscription. I bought it this weekend and was really pumped until I tried to tune into Saturday's game. Apparently due to national TV contracts all weekend games are blacked out online. Ridiculous. Sure it's right there in the fine print, but who reads that? This bummed me out for a couple days, but I talked myself into it tonight, figuring if I can get 30-40 games this summer it will be money well spent. The streaming quality is much better than last year's postseason, except it stalls completely when I upload pictures to this here blog, so I put all that off until..... now.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Again! Again!

When I sat down to write this post, the first thing I did was look back at my last post. Funny enough, this post is about nearly the exact same subject. Simply replace Kelsey's winter recess with Kelsey's spring break, and voila! So this could be taken to mean that either a) my whole life revolves around my girlfriend now or b) my girlfriend takes up so much of my time that I rarely get to blog. The answer is actually none of the above. In actuality, I am writing fewer posts in attempt to shrink time. By writing the same number of posts in two months time that used to be polished off in a week, I am projecting the 6-8 weeks between dates to the mere matter of a few days. And this works because, as we all know, my life truly revolves around my blog. Did any of that make sense? No? Good.

With the undeniable similarity if these two trips I thought it only appropriate that we took a do-over jaunt to Santa Barbara. (In truth I only set up our trip there to provide the witty blog intro you read above.) If you recall, the New Year's trip there did not turn out so well, what with me vomiting violently and all. The plan was to take a couple nice hikes I researched that week, then head in to town for dinner and a night on the town. The "night on the town" part being surprise tickets to see Zac Brown Band in concert. My plan was to just happen along the concert after dinner and smoothly pull the tickets out of my pocket, but I ruined all that, naturally, by forgetting the tickets in the hotel room when we left for dinner. Whoops. While unimpressed with my execution of it, I believe she did appreciate the sentiment.

hiking through the flowers

hanging out in Gaviota wind caves

cave with an ocean view

zac brown band

Although I may lack executive skill, the planning of these things should undoubtedly be left to me, as Kelsey's only suggestion during the trip was a side trip to the Old Dutch town of Solvang. It took us 90 minutes and two ice cream cones to recognize it for the tourist trap that it is.

Dutch Town

The remainder of Kelsey's visit seemed to revolve mostly around eating unhealthy foods (probably my fault), but we did take a lot of walks (Kelsey's influence). Among the places we feasted were: world's best donuts at Randy's, the perfect meal at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles, burgers, ice cream sandwiches and friends at Umami Burger, trays of delicious raw fish at Club Sushi, and incredible piles of flapjacks at the Original Pancake House. But best of all, Chef Kelsey cooked a delicious dinner one night, proving that she is an excellent cook and that my oven works.

top chef

Kelsey, please come back any time, as much as you like. Just give me a few hours notice so I can pick up all my dirty laundry.

More pics.