Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Breakin' Away

Kelsey came out for her spring break a week ago, and even the fact that we are collectively about two decades from our prime SB years couldn't stop us from having a good time. And I'm almost recovered. Most of those years are mine, you know. But the springtime of youth is replaced by the wisdom of age, giving me, among other things, the knowledge of the best places to eat: Rinaldi's, Boogaloo Cafe, South Bay Deli, Fleming's, the list goes on (though Second City was a little disappointing this time).

We kept it low key throughout the week (not all of us were on vacation) but managed to get out both weekends, Wabash baseball and a drive-in the first weekend followed by camping the next. Here's some of the fun, in pictorial form.

Wabash @ Redlands

driving in the San Bernardinos

at the drive-in!

More pics.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Year Older...

...and deeper in debt. Isn't that how the song gos? Well I did just buy a new motor carriage, so maybe they're right.

So the weekend I went home for Ella's big swim also just happened to be my birthday. You all, no doubt, have just seen my magnanimous gesture of supporting my little cousin for what it really was, my desperate need for attention, presents, and cake. So sue me.

It was decided that the party's theme would be "my favorite things." So naturally we had Bruno's, Happy Burger fried chicken, and chocolate cake with cream cheese icing. As the kids are prone to say now: winning. It was great to be home to celebrate with Kelsey and all my family. Thanks everyone.

great cake, kels!

A few more pics.