Sunday, May 22, 2011


Two weeks ago Kelsey and I met in San Francisco for a long weekend to celebrate the end of her semester, finals week and everything. It was also our first trip back to San Francisco since our first date. This trip was different from the first in nearly every way. Well every way but fun, food, and more fun. Our first time was spent mostly in Golden Gate Park enjoying music, but this time we got around to a lot more of the city and were able to dive much further into the culinary offerings that abound. Favorites include meatballs at Tomasso's (even better than I remembered), Vietnamese coffee ice cream at Humphrey Slocombe's, and everything at Tornoado Bar. I'm sure Kelsey's favorites are much different than mine, so she'll have to leave those in the comments. (But definitely hitting Red's next time.)

meatballs and more meatballs at Tomasso's

cured meats - and more meatballs! - at Molinari's

We also took in a Sunday afternoon game at AT&T Park, which is one of my top baseball park experiences so far. The weather was great all weekend, but especially nice during the game, and that park is really a gem (Jem?). McCovey Cove, the brick wall, and all the weirdo San Franciscans made it just a really unique experience. Plus the garlic fries were actually good. Oh,... and The Beard. Kelsey added another team to her long list of supportees, thanks mostly to the crazed antics of one Brian Wilson. Kudos. Well done, sir. And though I remain a steadfast follower of the birds on the bat, I gotta say, I get it. I'd go back.

game time

McCovey Cove

We also got to meet up (and I just plain meet) Kelsey's friend she met during her island years, Bianca. She was very nice, and I very much enjoyed the time we spent together. I could tell the two girls were fond of each other, though the words escape me to define precisely what I saw from them. At times they seemed to be of one mind... and me of an other entirely.

they deny it, but i know they coordinated outfits

I can't wait to go back again (soon?). After all Kelsey still hasn't got her dim sum (even though I offered about 40 times as we passed a place). She did, however, manage to get her filled sesame pastry (even though she pronounced it wrong) at one of the dirtiest food establishments I've ever been in - a pigeon flew in and hung out for a while, not discouraged by any of the staff - from a lady I'm pretty sure was blind (didn't stop her from yelling words I did not understand at people in a room we were not in). So there was that.

holding likely violations of the health code

well... almost

So, to recap: great trip. Pics.