Sunday, June 19, 2011

This Is Worse Than The Minivan, Sarah

Yes, you are officially old when you are the parent of a high school graduate. But what a great graduate, my cousin, Ella Rae Paul. Congratulations Ella on a stellar high school era, but perhaps more impressively, living 18 years in the same house as your mother, and 15 with your sister. At least there's Tom. Thank God for Tom.

Best of luck next year at Butler. I'm sorry that goofy looking basketball player who all the girls thought was dreamy is already gone. I know you'll do great anyway.

happpy grad

MHS Class of 2011

Some other highlights of the trip to Martinsville, in no particular order: the sweat on the back of my neck; Peri's directions back to the house after graduation, Riley puking in the hotel pool; bikini search at Wal-Mart; the sweat in my armpits; and 30 pounds of cheeseball.

More pics.

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