Saturday, June 25, 2011

Play Ball!

Before getting into the subject of this post, we're going to handle a little AMHTFUHL business first. I'd just to like say that if my last post seemed harsh towards Aunt Sarah, and possibly Peri, it probably only seemed that way because I'm a big jerk. I had planned to write something heartfelt and sincere to close it out, but, in my defense... I didn't. Oh, right, I guess that's not really much of a defense of all. So sorry for that Paul women; it was really fun and a great party put on in large part by Sarah & Co. I always enjoy being in the company of you all and am proud and blessed to be able to call you family. OK, business meeting over, back to the biting sarcasm that you all come here for.

Before we all headed south for Ella's part-tay, we headed to Tip-Wa (yeah I still call it that) and Bunker Hill for a sweltering morning at the ballpark. It was my first time at one of Riley's teeball (which is kind of a misnomer now) games as well as my first time seeing Taylor go yard (oh yeah). I took a bunch of pics at Riley's game with my new telephoto lens (which I have named The Bees Knees) which was a lot of fun. I didn't get quite so many at Taylor's because a) I was wilting in the mid-day heat (I had to sit under the pavilion for the last few innings unless Taylor was batting) b) the sight lines at BHLL are not great and c) they wouldn't let me on the field like they did during Riley's. In any case, I got some good ones, and I might have even got some great ones if I had a) a faster camera and b) the ability to focus correctly.

anyone else worried that they're looking different
directions? also need to work on Riley's footwork

making sure we didn't miss anything; he's so helpful

Taylor trots

awaiting the throw; better footwork than Riley at first

I thought it was kinda funny that these next couple reminded me of each other. I guess the game (and kids) never change.

Taylor goes yard and Riley pops it over the pitcher's
mound (that's like going yard in teeball since all the
fielders are on the infield grass)

getting and waiting for dad-fives

More pics from Riley's and Taylor's games. Great job, dudes.


  1. The pictures are the best! Love the side by side comparisons... very cool.

  2. Love Ya! Aunt Sarah

  3. Your last blog was 3 months ago. 3 MONTHS AGO!!!

  4. Sorry, I been busy buying rings and whatnot.

  5. Well, you should write about buying the ring before you forget the details of that experience. That would probably be a pretty fun story!